I don't see no stinkin' veggies -

I don’t see no stinkin’ veggies

The other day, I shared with you a bit about my super awesome, ultra healthy chicken noodle soup (see Can you see the veggies?). I explained that I was able to cram in a crap load of super healthy veggies and super picky kids will still eat it. 

I was mostly successful. Emmett and Gavin inhaled the soup and even had seconds. Elliott sat and whined because he was not having a good day and honestly, would have thumbed his nose up at McDonald’s in that moment.

I captured the amazing success with Emmett on film and I wanted to share with you how much he actually enjoyed his chicken noodle soup.

Keep in mind that the following veggies were physically present in the soup that the worlds pickiest eater, Emmett, was eating. 🙂


Here is the list of all the super healthy,  vitamin packed veggies that my won’t know they’re eating.

1) One full package of baby spinach
2) One whole onion (large)
3) One full bundle of green onions
4) 2 lbs of baby carrots
5) 1 lb of fresh string beans (green)
6) 2 cups of fresh milled flax

Now for the proof:


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I have heard that some kids become picky eaters because they are low on zinc. There are a couple approaches you can try (heck, at least he eats peas, because my son is terrified by them!). There is feeding therapy, if you want to go that route. I have heard of some moms using this approach to introduce new foods. We tried it for a bit and got him to eat carrots once, but now he won't touch them, However, we got him to eat omlettes, beans and many other things using this approach. http://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/picky-kid
I am going to get gung ho about using this to get him eating more veggies. He currently eats none, but does drink fruit and veggies smoothies I make. Let me know if you want instructions on how to do that. I have gotten him drinking a good variety of produce this way, but it is a little time consuming, and sometimes we have to nag.


Oh, this was a reply to Dee, about Ayden. Hope it helps!


 @heupelmom my son wont eat soup… he doesnt like things wet and slippery, he doesnt like things mixed, i wish i could coax some healthy foods into him and he also drops foods from his acceptable list at times. we found a chicken nugget he liked, and bought a whole case as it was special order and hard to get we splurged… then within 2 months he refused to eat it saying it made his tummy sicky. :(if anyone has a cure for food issues I NEED ITAyden will eat a range of crackers (not multigrain ones or ones with textures), vanilla yogurt, vanilla pudding, chocolate chip cookies (BUT not the oatmeal textured ones), nutrigrain breakfast bars (select flavours), and fresh strawberries but only the packaged kind found in supermarkets and not field fresh or frozen or packaged "wet" ones on again off again list. chicken nuggets, frozen green peas warmed for 1 minute in the mic (NEVER EVER CANNED ONES), apples peeled and sliced but never bruised or brown, homemade or bakery fresh bread (PLAIN)recent additions we are over joyed about…. plain pancakes the frozen kind done in the toaster that are dry and never soggy, AND crackers with peanut butter!!!!!!! 


i always forget the hitting ENTER doesnt always give you a space and the sentences all run together. 🙁 makes the language less clear and my separate lists of foods he eats, lists of on again off again and new likes, all crammed together :-S


Emmett's language is great! His speech has improved a ton! I am going to try this soup with my boys. You can also hide pears and a handful of organic spinach in chocolate smoothies, and if you add stevia it will be really yummy. Just run the blender for awhile to get rid of any chunks, and add some extra cocoa powder or chocolate syrup if the color changes too much.


 @rmagliozzi We do something similar. My kids don't shy away from fruit, thankfully. Just the veggies. 🙂


I only wish. My son Jack is 6, autistic and has an unspecified eating disorder.  He won't eat any noodle soups.  He can't handle the texture of wet noodles.  We are working on it.  He will eat "some" of a serving of macaroni and cheese or Top Ramen without the broth.  He has eaten Cambell's Vegetable Beef soup before.  It was on his acceptable list for a while and then he dropped it (he likes to drop things off of his acceptable list at random times to keep things fun I guess!).  We got it back for a while and then he would only drink the broth.  Do you have any ideas?  Maybe you could make some money on the side by selling your "Autism friendly" chicken soup!


@heupelmom What about broth? Will he do broth? If so, you might still be able to make it work. I wish you the very best of luck. If I can help in any way, please let know. 🙂


 @lostandtired  @heupelmom He will do broth, I think.  Do you have ideas on how I can make it a broth, with maybe some pieces of chicken or beef?  It sounds weird, but I think he might do a beef broth with pieces of chicken.  I think he likes the beef flavor of broth, but the texture of chicken.  I am not an expert in the kitchen so any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


@heupelmom You could do the veggies in the broth and just make chicken broth. I haven't tried this with beef stock so I'm not sure how that would go.

I would think you could make the chicken Noodle soup and simply strain out some broth. That way he gets the flavor and the vitamins and minerals. Let me know if I can help. 🙂


He's doing awesome with language too 🙂


@Tam thanks 🙂

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