Gavin was home for less than an hour

Gavin was home for less than an hour

Gavin was home for less than an hour before he already wasn’t listening.  When he arrived home, he wanted to lay down. I thought that was a good idea because he didn’t look good.

He came down a few minutes later and fell down the last two steps.

I told him he need to lay down and he went back upstairs.

I had to step out for a few minutes and the moment I left, he started letting himself out of his room.  Lizze sent him back at least twice.

Shortly after I got back home,  he let himself out again.  This time, when I sent him back,  he just stood at the top of the steps and ignored me.  Once I got him back in his room,  I called him down a little while later.

When I asked him why he had been letting himself out of his room, especially while I was gone.  He basically denied coming back down after Lizze had sent him back upstairs to rest.

I took this opportunity to explain my War on Stress. 

I told him how we are going to be running a tighter ship,  in order to eliminate stress from everyone’s lives.

While he didn’t listen tonight,  he also didn’t have a tantrum when I questioned him.  That’s a positive thing…right?

This was posted via WordPress for Android, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Please forgive any typos. I do know how to spell but auto-correct hate me.

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I know from your introductory page, Galvin has ADHD as well. Is he taking any medication to help him with it? 
We started my daughter this winter on it, and it is amazingly how much it helped her with everything. It brings her frustration down really big time! I've tried to get her off of it this summer. We skipped entire month, but had to get back on it because her behavior and frustration was just getting worse and worse, and everything she was able to accomplish behavior wise seemed like was degrading really fast without it.  


@kat13 actually, ADHD meds made things worse. We tried them a few times in the past. They say its his body chemistry.


 @lostandtired  I suppose you tried different ones at different dose. What I was explained is that you have to continue trying until you find that right one at the right dosage. It can be a very painful and long process, but it definitely worth it. It took us at least four months to find the right dosage and combo.
Our psychiatrist also gave me a list of vitamins and the dosage that she needs at her weight and height that don't quiet replace medicine, but give that nice little boost in addition to the medicine. One in there is specifically to help with the anxiety (which is a problem of all autistic kids) and it is very easy to find these in your general store.  I can sent you a name later tonight. The other one is a basic fish oil that gives her a small boost to concentrate (that would help with ADD, but not the hyper component). 


@kat13 there was another reason we stopped and for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

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