The “holy crap, I have to pee” signal

Gavin is having accidents every night now.  This is totally out of character for him.  This began about a year and a half ago but has steadily become worse.

Originally we thought it was seizure related but I guess they have pretty much ruled that out. 

At this point,  no one seems to know what’s going on or what’s behind this.  Right now its the usual suspects,  neurological or autonomic.  We are going to get him into the urologist to make sure that there isn’t any other reason for this..

Maybe he’s drinking to much,  but he has to.  The other thing is that the doctors think he may not be able to tell when he has to go potty. 

The last few times he gave urine samples,  he filled the container with over 750 cc’s of fluid.  That’s a lot,  incase you weren’t aware.  It’s always this way. This has led everyone to believe that Gavin may not be receiving the,  holy crap,  I have to pee signal.

Who knows.  Well, I know I don’t. 

Have any of your kids dealt with something like this?

This would also explain why Gavin is always running to the bathroom. He never knows when he has to go….

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Ditto – my 6 yr old has had this go on in spells.  We've had a horrible one for about 2+ months now.  Before it use to be 1 week bad; 4 weeks fine.  We noticed it got worse when he was doing his listening therapy, so we could never get far with it, but the "blessing" of this is that once he started up we decided to get the program going again, since obvioulsy, it wasn't making any difference…so now we are on the second half of that.  If you don't already have them, we bought these great big pads that are washable.  We put it under the sheets- and we have a couple sets of sheets so we can swap it out in the middle of the night…although we have a hard time getting him to stay in his bed. At that point, usually he's in with us for the rest of the night.  Happy Happy Joy Joy – haven't slept through the night in over 6 years 🙂


Yes, we have some of those issues with both  my boys. The oldest seems to hold it till the last minute and then just rush to the bathroom. He bed wet until he was 6 or so and we took him off of dairy and wheat. then it stopped completely. The youngest will have lots and lots of accidents when he has a PANDAS attack, day or not. About a week ago or so both boys got an autoimmune attack and the little one literally peed through four or more outfits within 2 hrs. Then I gave him Ibuprofen and it stopped. We have also used a homeopathic bedwetting remedy and it sometimes helped, but not all the time.


My daughter used to have those, but it somewhat related to some major life change for her. It would generally start few months after the fact that some new person (in school or home) appeared or disappeared in her life. It is what I was told is how her body would respond to a high stress. Even her school performance would be affected by it.
Once the things would boil down, her school performance and night wetting would go away. This kind of response lasted until she was about 8 years old.
BTW, I looked at the earlier posts, and Galvin was just recently hospitalized that definitely probably shocked him since he wasn't at home and there were lots of unfamiliar faces around him. This kind of situation would definitely cause some response in my daughter later…