Let’s talk victories and setbacks

Let’s talk victories and setbacks

Let’s talk about our autistic children’s victories and even the setbacks.  Let’s all celebrate the steps forward with each other.

If you have experienced some setbacks,  share those as well.  Perhaps someone might have some advice that could help.

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I dont know how to feel about it. but i suppose it is good news. the Autism senior therapist is telling me that my son is progressing quickly and they are struggling to find things to challenge him, being high functioning he is often bored with therapy which results in behavioral issues. i SHOULD feel happy that my boy is doing so well. but i am so afraid that if the autism team drops him, and that is what they are hinting at. but i fear if he loses the ABA, he will have NO ONE, he will not have a helper in school so HOW will he learn. yes he is UP TO his requirement for kindergarten, but grade one starts in mere days…. and what is expected of him? will he be able to learn it IN CLASS and will he RETAIN the lessons and will he keep up? i feel that if i let this "victory" be real i am bound for imminent failure… oh and he was determined to need glasses yesterday, a shock to me i thought his eyes were perfect. and even if it isnt a set back i feel guilty and sorta like i let something slip that i should have been taking care of it earlier.


We have had success this year with both my sons finding best friends. My older son with autism has a best buddy with Aspergers he gets together weekly with to play video games, do homework, and they also both are on the Special Olympics swim team together. I am glad he finally has someone who "gets" him.  He has had some behavioral regression this summer, unfortunatly, and a huge increase in sensory issues. It is a challenge to leave him in childcare setting now as he gets too overwhelmed, even on medication, and has meltdowns. He is starting to bolt more when he goes into overload, but thankfully never really gets further than the door yet. I think it may be a difficult age, though (almost 9). 


@rmagliozzi OMG. So many people take that for granted. That is so, so awesome. I want that so badly for my boys as well. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Mary Franzen Costell

Note, Ethan has down syndrome, not autism, and he does receive a lot of support in school.


@Mary Franzen Costello we're all on the same journey. 🙂

Mary Franzen Costell

Ethan graduated from the behavior day program he attended for 3 months and has successfully transitioned into his new gen Ed classroom!


@Mary Franzen Costello that is awesome. What a tremendous victory. 🙂


Victory: Yesterday, my daughter graduated from her three year Early Intervention program, and demonstrated that, in spite of her Speech Path's earlier concern that she may never speak, she CAN use words!

Setback: When we got home, while still in her pretty dress, she snuck into the bathroom where the cat litter is, and flung cat-pee soaked litter ALL over the room, splattering the walls, curtains, ceiling, and herself.


@Jenn50 awesome. I'm so happy for your family. I know what that's like. No one thought Emmett would ever speak but now he does.

The cat litter thing, definitely unpleasant.

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