Operation Hope: First Contact -

Operation Hope: First Contact

I wanted to take a few minutes and update all of you on the current status of Operation Hope.

I was able to speak with someone from Stark County Family Council/Wraparound this morning. 

I spoke with a very pleasant and compassionate woman who did an intake. 
The ball is now officially rolling. 

We have records to collect and paperwork to fill out,  but this process is moving much faster and smoother,  at least so far,  than I could have hoped for.

Basically,  once I have the paperwork turned in,  we will meet with the committee who makes the decisions about funding. 

We will have a conversation, and you all know,  I’m all about dialog. 

I’m so grateful to have a chance to speak with them about helping Gavin and the rest of the Lost and Tired family.

This is a very positive beginning to a very difficult journey….

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