Gavin put his head through the wall tonight

In my last post,  I mentioned that Gavin was beginning to have a tantrum.  Well,  he definitely had a tantrum.

Tonight,  he actually banged his head so hard into the wall that he left a friggin hole. You heard me right.  He made a whole in the wall with his head. This has never happened before.

He’s sleeping now but we’ll have to do something about this in the morning. 

Luckily,  he didn’t seriously hurt himself.

With the news that Gavin will not be medically cleared for placement, anytime soon,  I’m not sure what it is that we are supposed to do.

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Try to get an emergency waiver from DD, then place him in a DD group home and find a good school placement for him that will teach him to talk instead of beat himself  and others up I am telling you this was a lifesaver for my son and my family as a whole. My son lives in a group home with competent staff paid for by the waiver. His SSI covers his rent and utilities. There is another kid living with him, who also has autism. He attended school at Education Alternatives, which is similar to Shipley Day Treatment only I found them to be much better. The day treatment thing is a quasi residential placement sort of thing. Family Council will know how to help make that happen. Best thing? If he has medical issues that goes into the ISP and the staff get to learn to manage those medical issues. Education Alternatives is in Cuyahoga falls, not far away. There is an excellent provider in North Canton (Northeast Ohio Developmental, Larry Powell) and Christopher's House is pretty good too…I have used both of these. The school is important. I have not heard many good things about Summit Academy in terms of helping kids deal with their anger, their anxieties etc…. Your family council person should be able to help you manage this stuff… and get him re-enrolled in the district and set up with and ED or SBH placement that can help him before it is too late. He needs  a therapist that spends a lot of time with him watching in the classroom and teaching him to manage his behavior and his emotions. What kind of a difference do you think and hour of group therapy DAILY and one on one therapy when he is having his worst moments would make for him? It made a world of difference for my son to have that intensive therapuetic support every day instead of being with a special ed teacher. 
As an aside, I was at the same point as you…could not trust him alone with his sibs, He nearly knocked me unconcious. At night when everyone slept he nearly burned down the house and had taken the car for a drive or two….I did not think he would be alright unless he did residential and nobody could take him or would. I was frightened. I got him a great neuropysch evaluation with Dr. Melamed in Kent that the Court paid for through Family Council. My son was on a lot of meds and today is not on any psychtropes. Please look into this alternative…much cheaper than residential and might save your son.


Oh, I forgot to tell you the lower to mid dose is more of an off label use that also helps with immune function and self injury.


Wow. That is so scary. I hope Gavin's head is okay and he has not injured himself. Have you heard of Naltrexone? It is supposed to help with self-injurious behaviors, which actually release endorphins, believe it or not. The naltrexone increases endorphins, which I think can help reduce the urge to self injure, and it helps with social problems as well. My oldest son takes it and is doing really well on it. He takes 2mg every night. 


HUGS! Just a thought here, I know you mentioned this was after you got home from Clevland Clinic, do you think it was more sensory overload meltdown than a tantrum? Or did something happen and he had the tantrum? Just wanted to mention this, because I know after long days, my body can feel sensory overload. 


Welcome to my world. So sorry to hear about this. I hope he did not injure himself. My son is now an expert spackler and knows how to fix many things.