How are your kids handling being back to school?

How are your kids handling being back to school?

My boys don’t head back until Tuesday, so how it’s going to go is yet unwritten.  However,  I’m preparing for the typical issues we see, going into the new school year.

Elliott will likely be extremely, extremely anxious. I mean,  he’s already extremely anxious.  It’s not going to take much to add another extremely……….

Gavin on the other hand is very excited to go back. The problem is that I have no idea how long his body is going to able to cope.

How are your kids handling being back to school?

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My children are older, but my nephew (who I believe to be on the spectrum) came home from his first day of kindergarten and said, “Well, I’m glad that’s over!  If I had to go back to that tomorrow, I would cry.”  When his mom pointed out that he did have to go back, he had a meltdown and cried for hours!


@Batty that’s heartbreaking


My son starts his second year of preschool on the 10th and he doesn't really understand the concept yet that there will be some different kids in his class this year  — Same teacher but a lot of the kids are moving on to the 4-year old class… my son is repeating the 3 year class again.     I'm trying to keep everything else as the same as it was in June  (same backpack, same folders…)  because he wont accept things any other way.   The school denied him for summer school and I am fairly sure they'll have to start all over with his behavior problems — last year it took him the first 6 months of school until we stopped getting notes home,


@Amy That is so frustrating when progress is lost during the summer. I'm a huge fan of the year round school year.


Even though my son is 16, he still has symptoms of anxiety whenever there is a significant change in his life. Last night he was irritable, depressed, and seemed worried. Stomach pains, etc. It's never easy on either of us. His dad leaves the worrying to me. 🙁


 @hudginsvicky I'm really sorry to hear that. Hopefully the transition will be as smooth as possible. Also, thank you so much for the card. 🙂 Lizze was very touched 🙂

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