Breaking up isolation with chores

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Elliott and Emmett have been playing/fighting upstairs in my room for a little while now.  I called Gavin down in order to put his energy to good use. 

I had Gavin help me around the house for a little bit.  We got most of the downstairs cleaned up. 

Gavin loves to clean,  so it was like a a break for him.  However,  it served a purpose and helped me to get caught up in the house before Lizze got home. 

I need her to take over for a little while because I have a deadline to meet today for an article and I’m almost done with it.

Pulling Gavin iht of his room defeated the purpose but let’s be honest,  it’s not going to make a difference.  He could stay in his room for a month and still not learn his lesson.  At least this way,  I’m putting his energy to a constructive outlet and I’m getting some much needed work done. 

I wouldn’t quite call this a win win but it’s something like that anyways.  🙂

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  • TobiusHolmes says:

    I would have posted this in the other part of the blog, but I couldn’t find the article I read, talking about Gavin’s inappropriate touching…I saw this book that is written for kids, and it is written for special kids, to make it easier for them to know what is good touching and what is bad touching…Here is the link,
    The book is only $7 not too bad…

  • kat13 says:

    That is great and beneficial re-enforcement! I am impressed that he actually likes to clean. Cleaning is a nightmare for us…
    Any advice? I personally blame the ADHD component on it because it sure doesn’t seem like a problem for her to organize and keep in order things she loves (books, Legos, videos).  But cleaning her room that gets so messy is still hard thing… 

  • Jenn50 says:

    Good for you. I’ll take functional, productive behavior over meaningless punishment any day.