Do your kids ever drive you bonkers? -

Do your kids ever drive you bonkers?

I love my kids.  I love them more than anything in the entire world. I would die for my kids in a heart beat. Obviously,  I hope it never comes down to that but if need be….

Having said that,  my kids can also drive me completely bonkers. 

In fact, today is one of those days where they they have me at the very brink of insanity.  Emmett has been screaming all day,  literally.  Elliott is egging him on and shedding tears over every little tiny thing.

Lizze went to the store with her mother to try to finish our back to school shopping and has left me home to manage the chaos.  🙁

To add to the stress,  Gavin has been letting himself out of his room and tippy toe dancing on my last nerve.

This isn’t the anniversary I had planned,  not that it ever is.

So…. Do your kids ever drive you bonkers? Please tell me that I’m not alone here…  What kids of things do they do to drive you nuts?

Keep in mind that talking about this does not on anyway, reflect poorly on our little ones.  It’s simply a way of sharing a part of our story and taking a humorous approach to it.

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Marc has been pushing us all weekend.  Part of it is because the three day weekend is a break from his routine.


UM do my kids ever drive me bonkers? the short answer is almost daily! The long answer is, my 3 girls are experts at pushing each others buttons and do so as often as possible. My youngest 2 usually do well playing together but they have their moments. If 2 of my kiddos aren’t fighting the other 2 are. My husband has to work very hard not to set them off as he does things very differently than I do and since I stay home with them they are used to my way of doing things and he has been checked out for years. I am so glad that he is working his way back to being an awesome father but it can be difficult putting out the fires that he starts. and if the kids are not driving me nuts the pets are we have 3 small dogs, 4 cats, a rabbit, and 2 rats! I have also taken a part time job to help pay for my student loans. My friend and I joke that a 72 hour hold would be an awesome 3 day vacation. 3 days by myself in a quiet room says AHHHH! Then there are the teenage hormones, the whining, and anxiety.


@JenniferWhynott I think certifiable today 🙂


I meant, I think I’m certifiable today 🙂


Oh, you bet! My 3 all have different ways of driving me bonkers. My 6 year old little ASD princess gets manic and alternates between giggling, crying, and trashing te place, my neurotypical 8 year old son gets bored and torments the pets, and in the middle of it all, my NT 15 year old son decides he needs a ride somewhere, or for everyone to be absolutely silent while he does the homework he put off until the last minute. They can never fall apart one at a time; instead they wait for the other two to go off the rails, and then add to the chaos.


@Jenn50 its the same thing here. It’s like a domino effect. 🙂


Yes. Lol. Two are now taking naps because of meltdowns and fighting.


@MicheleChaney I think it’s something in the air:-)

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