Are you as stupid as Apple thinks you are?

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You all know how I feel about Apple’s business practices. I don’t hate the their products, just the way the Apple does business.

What does Apple think of you if they claim you can’t tell the difference between these two phone? Are you as stupid as Apple thinks you are?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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iphone looks like a brick.  The S3 looks very elegant.  🙂  And we just got my mom one.  I should be getting one by the end of the year, hopefully when a full version of CM9 is out for it.  😀


@OnyxPanthyr CM9 is already out. You might mean CM10


 @lostandtired  @OnyxPanthyr I'm a little out of the loop.  Still have my original Epic running CM9 beta 1 and love it.  🙂
Oooooo…  Thanks for the heads up!  (found the thread here, lots of pages! –… I don't quite understand what a "Nightly" build means.  I'm still no expert on this, only having exposure with midNIGHT 3.1 and then straight to CM9 B1. 
You're making me want to get the new phone sooner rather than later!!  😀  I'd just need to make certain things are working.  (Sprint VVM among them.)  How's your S3 running and did you put anything on it?


 @OnyxPanthyr I'm using Blazers new 1.8 release for sprint. I also use AOKP as well. The problem is the AOSP base is that the camera sucks. Samsung did a really nice job with the camera in the stock ROM. That's the only thing keeping me from moving to an AOSP ROM. 
I do some changing of the ROM's on my end but I still think Blazer has the best release thus far. 


I think what the a re aiming at is the recent lawsuit with Samsung who is the primarily competitor to Apple products. 
I really dislike their practices too, and dislike the high pricing on their products. Thus, I do support competitors who are making great products at more reasonable prices! 


‘the a re’ –> “they are”


 @kat13 Well said. I don’t think that most Apple fans understand how little intelligence Apple believes they have.