The Lighter Side of #Autism: Hide and Seek

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So Emmett decided to play hide and seek,  without telling anyone.  He just sorta disappeared and I couldn’t find him.

I walked by that flippin laundry basket a few times before asking where he was. 

Next thing I know,  there is little giggle coming from the couch.  This is where I found him.  🙂  Too stinkin cute.  Am I right? Of course I am. 🙂




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  • nicolepederson says:

    Hi I'm a mother of a 5 year old boy on the spectrum. I come from a small town so there is no support or really even doctors around that know what is going on. I binged for autism blogs and found this site. I fell like it would be benificial to talk to some one or share what i'm going through. I'm haveing a really hard time and no one to turn to. No one to ask qeustions or about things that have worked cuz nothing im doign is gelping him right now and he is spinning out of control. If you have any words of wisdom it would be great.