The walls must be made of rubber

The walls must be made of rubber

The walls must be made of rubber, because the boys and bouncing off of them today, like it’s nobody’s business.

The exception is Gavin, who is actually well behaved this morning.

Emmett is so far over the edge that my only goal for today is to survive it. Good Lord,  he is all over the place. Thankfully, it’s just about time for naps and Mommy and Daddy might get break and maybe,  just maybe, get to close our eyes for a bit.

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WoW!  Get them as much physical exercise as possible.  Keep working on teaching calm behavior during the day in non physical play times.  Reinforce that behavior.  Dim the lights, create as much of a calm environment as possible and maybe research some snack foods that might calm the body down.
"Keep on Keepn on" 
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Tell Gavin great job today with good behavior!! I hear you on that survival mode thing. My oldest son hardly slept last night. His sleep patterns have gotten worse lately. He wakes up in the middle of the night either wanting to sleep in my bed or on one of the two couches in the living room. He will not sleep alone. We try to get him to do this and he has panic attacks. He is 8 and too old for our bed. So I gave him magnesium and he fell back asleep only to wake up at 6am!  The hours of sleep I have lost are too many to count. Luckily today was a good day at swim practice. But naps are also priceless in our household. 


@rmagliozzi I can totally relate. Elliott is our "doesn't want to sleep alone" child currently.


 @lostandtired  @rmagliozzi So how do you break them of that habit? Have you found anything that helps? He seems to go to sleep fine but we have always had night wakings, even with using melatonin, which unfortunatly makes his PANDAS worse. We checked for nighttime seizures and found nothing. I have no clue why he can't stay asleep on his own.


Two out of the four days of the first week of school, my son managed to be late! He drags his feet every single day and just about makes me lose my mind. We had a HUGE blow up and I was ready to pack my bags just to get away from  him.  I told him that there are 180 days in a school year and I do not intend to spend the next 176 days allowing this behavior. 
Just want you to know, no matter where they are on the spectrum…or anywhere else, when you choose parenthood over a life of self-gratifying comfort and pleasure, IT NEVER ENDS!!!!  Their job is to drive you crazy and they never, ever stop. Good luck! 


 @hudginsvicky I can relate to just hitting the limit with my son and wanting to "pack my bags". Our biggest battles are over sleep and him not wanting to stay on his GFCF diet, whic
h even he is aware helps him function better. 


 @rmagliozzi He has always been oppositional. Everything is a battle, and I mean everything. I end up giving in a lot of times, because I know I will never, ever convince him to do things in any way other than his own.
He has nearly ruined my freezer because he refuses, REFUSES, to fill the ice trays correctly and place them in the freezer as instructed. The water runs over the vents and builds up until we have to shut the thing down and do an excavation.
I get very discouraged and depressed. I've even  explained to him that my success as a mother depends on his cooperation, and he's destroying my self-esteem. Now that I've threatened to run away from home, he's sort of starting to worry, but I doubt anything will change.  🙁


Take this opportunity to catch him being good and reward and praise Gavin!!!

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