What businesses have you found to be #autism friendly? -

What businesses have you found to be #autism friendly?

I have been fortunate enough to come across a few companies or business that were very friendly to my boys with #autism. I have also had the opposite experience as well.

I thought it might be a good idea to share these experiences, both good and bad. 

I think it’s important to shine the spotlight on the one that are great to special needs families and kids/adults with autism. These companies should be rewarded with our business and we should let others know so they can experience this as well.

On the flip side of the coin, it’s also important to share the negatives as well so we can avoid potentially bad situations.

So…..What businesses have you found to be #autism friendly?





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My children have been invited by friends to amusement parks and when either of the girls go I send their ID card that gives information on autism on it.  Busch Gardens is very good about giving a handicapped guest pass so they can bypass ride line (can you imagine standing online with a child having a meltdown?).  Conversely, King's Dominion (Virginia) had issued a decree that children with autism cannot be given handicapped passes anymore.  Guess who will get our business?  


@min_svart_ros @reality_autism Home Depot & Microsoft gave workers benefits for ABA therapy long B4 laws were enacted. #autism


Basha's has been autism friendly. I had a nice clerk agree to help walk us to the parking lot when my boys were out of control, namely the one with autism. OUr dentist, Gilbert Road Dental, is the best. The woman at the front desk used to have Rheumatic fever, which is similar to my boys PANDAS condition. I had to bring both of them with me when I got my teeth cleaned, and she made sure they behaved themselves in the lobby watching TV, offered them snacks and tried to work with my oldest child's food allergies, and even locked the front door so they could not elope. She also talked with me about what supplements she has taken that helped reduce her rheumatic fever episodes. Talk about awesome customer service!!


@rmagliozzi that's awesome 🙂


I've not necessarily found companies, so much as individuals; the barista at a certain Starbucks, a cashier at Toys 'R Us. But I will say that WestJet airlines has made a real effort to help us prepare Michaela for a cross-Canada series of flights, and Mr. Callebeaut, the owner of Papa Chocolat, was very kind and helpful when I was researching treats for my daughter while we were trying a GFCF diet. He spent nearly an hour chatting with me and suggesting different products, some of which were not his! He also recommended some recipes and made modifications to accommodate her diet. All of this while we were at a community fundraiser his company was sponsoring. When I bring her into his store, even if she is upset and noisy, he smiles, welcomes her, and offers me little samples of chocolate for her.


"Dentistry for Kids," Santa Fe, NM. All of their nurses and doctors just simply amazing of how much patience and understanding they have.
Presbyterian hospital stuff and doctors also were really amazing and  understanding my daughters issues.
Children's Clinic, specifically Dr. Neal is just exceptional who's knowledge is just exceptional. I can't quite say so about the stuff, not everyone quite understanding of what may be expected from an autistic child. 


Also, forgot to add our psychiatrist, Dr. Evaldson. Really great, who can explain any question asked. He runs his practice all by himself, and makes it easier on my daughter as when we come at the scheduled time, we are seen directly by him by passing the waiting room and time waiting in the room for the doctor. 


@kat13 very cool


we have a kid's gym, I think it's local, called "Rolly Pollies". every monday night they have an open play specifically for special needs toddlers in the area and their siblings.  And they charge half price!

Mary Franzen Costell

AMC and possibly Marcus Thetatres have sensory friendly movie times with lights turned up, sound turned down and they allow you to bring your own gluten/dairy free snacks in. We don't have an issue with
movies, but I know they re popular


@Mary Franzen Costello we don't have any theaters around here that are willing to do that. 🙁

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