It’s a gas…

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We will be getting Elliott’s broken tooth fixed tomorrow,  at 9:30 am.  Elliott is very likely to be extremely anxious about going to see the dentist. 


I spoke with the dentists office about my concerns and they asked if he would tolerate the mask needed to deliver the sleeping gas.

I think he will do that.  It’s a much better option than trying to do this with him awake. Thankfully it’s just a baby tooth. It could always be……….wow,  that was close.  I almost jinxed myself. 

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  • Chloe123 says:

    I use the gas when I get work done at the dentist. I find it helpful. 

  • DKS3 says:

    We do the same as @AnnMarieHakeHughes .  I had to pay a fourtune until they told me about Delta Dental but the fact that my son was not anxious and now likes to go (after having teeth pulled) was worth the few months of credit card payments.  The gas will definatly take the edge off!!

  • AnnMarieHakeHughes says:

    We see a special dentist, and my son is completely sedated at the hospital for dental work.