Let’s talk gas prices and their impact on your family

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We had to put gas in the van today and I about stroked out.  Gas has hit $3.99 a gallon in Canton Ohio.

I think it goes without saying that when your a special needs family, this is of major concern. How do you get to all the necessary appointments if you can’t afford gas?

This is absolutely insane. Someone needs to do something about this. It’s really sad when we get excited about $3.00 a gallon gas prices.

How are things in your neck of the woods?

How do the gas prices affect your ability to meet your children’s needs?

Have you found a way to help take the edge off?


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sadly, it makes me glad that Serenity is in residential now so I don't have to chaffeur her around as much.  Though, I'm still waiting for reimbursement for driving her 40 miles 3 days a week over the summer for ESY services.  Gas here is 3.79 and that's in a rural area where gas is a little higher.


 @min_svart_ros   Have you called the American Cancer Association for rides?  They are really good about providing rides to chemo appointment.


Looks like fresh coffee is cheaper now… Will have to start filling on that one! (JK) 😉 
Yes, he had the spike here too. I will need to fill up my tank tonight, and haven't seen the changes if there were any since this morning. So this morning, we had it a $3.79/gal.


We have been paying over 4.15 a gallon for several months now. Takes just over 100.00 to fill our gas tank & we are putting 500.00 into the gas tank every month. Between my chemo appointments & PA's therapy appointments, I am surprised we can afford to eat. I think our food budget now is down to 200.00 a month just 50.00 a week for 4 people (also has to include all the little extra stuff too). So I totally hear you on this one.
Now our van has broke down & not even sure we are going to be able to fix it. Still trying to figure out how we are going to get it fixed LOL…My husband took it in this morning just to see how much it will cost to fix. Fingers crossed we can get it fixed at the first of the month. We will just have cancel appointments till then which means no chemo, but at this point we can not get there LOL…I am sure it will work out.


Last night when I filled up, it was $4.199, so $4.20 (I really wish they'd drop that stupid 9/10 thing.  /rant).  So filling my tank was $60 and change.  It's ridiculous.


Doesn't help when someone comes in at night and steals some of your gas… 🙁 I left a note, of that doen't work, will have to buy a locking cap.


@MicheleChaney been there as well


I saw gas for 3.99 yesterday here too… but I think I paid 3.79 a gallon.     I'm fortunate that my son's state health insurance covers most of our transportation cost.   We had the choice of filing paperwork for reimbursement if I drove him  or arranging a driver.   I picked the driver so that the miles wouldn't go on my car… and it helps a lot for our regularly scheduled appointments.


Gas here costs about $4.35-4.50 a gallon. Up until this month, my daughter was in a program that required me to spend 3-4 hours a day driving her to and from therapy sessions. It was costing me around $350 a month just to transport her to her program. Having aged out of that program, she is now in a mainstream school with government funded after school therapy in our home. We live in the country, so walking or taking public transit wasn't an option. Her new school is 7 minutes away, which is saving us from utter financial ruin. In the old program, we ate a lot of cheap pasta, I scrounged for change, credit card points, returned bottles for deposit, and borrowed from family to keep the van on the road. I cleaned house for family members in exchange for a few bucks worth the gas.


Special needs or not, gas prices still affect everyone who can barely make ends meet. :c I feel your pain.