One with the pukies -

One with the pukies

Elliott has spent the morning vomiting.  I don’t think it’s the flu but instead post nasal drip that’s behind the purging of everything in his system.

Elliott has the world’s most sensitive gag reflex
He’s probably developing a head cold or something similar. He’s very clearly not feeling well and he’s all sorts of cranky right now. 

The mission for this Sunday is one of rest and recovery. 

Unfortunately,  my guess is that Elliott will probably not make it to school tomorrow.  However, maybe he’ll be feeling better in the morning.

Fingers crossed. 

It’s not that I don’t want Elliott to stay home from school,  per say.  It’s just that the combination of Elliott and Emmett just doesn’t mix well lately. 

We get a break from the fighting while Elliott and Gavin are at school. 

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We know all about the gag reflex issues–I had them and all the kids got it, too.  The 24 yo & 22 yo still cant swallow pills.  The other 3 can, but will gag on them almost every time they take them.  Many is the day they have to take meds twice just to keep one dose down.   :OP
Sure hope Elliott feels better by tomorrow!

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