My kids are always, always allowed to come home

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Well our precious break is now officially shot to hell.  Gavin didn’t go to the grandparents for obvious reasons and Emmett decided that he wanted to come home. 

Oh well.  Whatcha gona do?

As much as we need the break, especially after a day like yesterday with Gavin,  our boys are always,  always allowed to come home. 

Emmett was so cute. As soon as he got home,  he just kept snuggling with Lizze or myself. 

He was so happy to be home and honestly, I was happy as well.  🙂

Tonight, he’s sleeping in his own bed and I got to tuck him in.  🙂


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  • stacker2energy says:

    @BruceSallan @Lost_and_Tired that's funny-I keep moving & they keep finding me.

    • Lost_and_Tired says:

      @stacker2energy @BruceSallan what's odd is no matter how badly I need a break, and I do, I'm always happy when they find their way home. 🙂