I wish I could trust my son

Gavin is having a problem at school,  specifically martial arts. According to Gavin, he got in trouble because he fell asleep during martial arts yesterday. 

How the heck do you fall asleep while standing up? That’s what we asked him.

He says that he falls asleep all the time in martial arts, this is just the first time he was caught. 

At this point I literally wanted to bang my head in the wall.  Why would he not think to tell us about this? Nevermind, I already know the answer to that. I don’t even know why I would ask.  🙁

Anyway,  he says that this happens about half way through martial arts. Apparently, he sorta doubles over and catches himself before he falls.

Truthfully, Lizze and I both have a hard time believing that this could be happening without anyone noticing. However, we are going to have to find out what, if anything is going on.

We are actually a bit concerned because this could be autonomic related.

Lately, Gavin’s heart rate has been plummeting into the low 50’s. That’s a significant drop and that could certainly account for his falling asleep. However, this may be more like near syncopal episodes.

That basically means he’s almost passing out. 

The exercising during martial arts could be trigging these mini episodes and of that’s the case,  we need to know about it. 

I wish Gavin could give us reliable information because we need to be able to relay this to the Cleveland Clinic. Which we will actually be doing in the morning,  after we talk to the school.

This is exactly why we have to be able to trust Gavin and this is exactly why it’s so frustrating that we can’t. 

This was posted via WordPress for Android, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Please forgive any typos. I do know how to spell but auto-correct hate me.

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I'll be interested to know what the school/class instructor says.  I've seen my son do something similar and it's when he physically gets overwhelmed with whatever is going on, he not only zones it out, but is like a sleep walker….it's annoying to me…but it's one of his "things" he does…somehow spectrum related for him.  I like the idea of the communication book Chloe 123 mentions…


@DLaubacher I've already made the call and I'll pass along what I hear back.


Do you have a communication book for you to communicate back and forth with his teachers? So if something like this happens, they can tell you?


@Chloe123 we do have a book and it needs to be signed everyday. Nowhere does it say anything about this and that's why we are questioning Gavin's story. The school is fertility competent and know to watch out for things like this.


In this case, though, it's not even a matter of TRUST, but communication.  Not many kids would quite understand the difference between fainting/passing out and 'falling asleep'.  I hope you get good info from the teacher, and if he is kind of keeling over, they take it seriously. It could be no one has said anything because they thought he was goofing around/faking it.


@Kibblet I agree. We know that if that were happening, the school would have contacted us. We have to double check just in case there is something to what Gavin is telling us.