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Over that past few days,  Emmett has had some really great moments.  Grocery shopping was fun, drawing with sidewalk chalk and walking the dogs was fun as well. 

However,  the time outside of these moments has been spent screaming.

Lizze and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. He doesn’t have any mouth sores at the moment and it isn’t directly tied to one of the other boys pushing his buttons. Emmett screams while the boys are home and at school.

When Emmett was younger, we used to say this was an Autistic day.  By that we meant that he would display more #Autism related symptoms on said day, when compared to another.


I wish I knew what the hell was going on because the screaming gets old really, really fast. 

When he screams, it’s extremely high pitched and it seems to just pierce right through us. This can go on for hours.  We’ve tried his weighted blanket and compression vest.  We’ve also tried brushing and joint manipulation.  Nothing works or helps to relieve whatever is upsetting him.

Perhaps this is caused by the increased stress level in the house? Who knows.  All I do know is that the seemingly constant screaming is probably enough to break anyone. 

If you have experience with this type of constant screaming, you’ll completely understand.

This was posted via WordPress for Android, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Please forgive any typos. I do know how to spell but auto-correct hate me.

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I do not experience that kind of screaming however, I do have one kiddo that does the high pitched scream out of nowhere for no reason followed by my prompt stop it not acceptable. If she does it again there is a warning of a consequence and it usually goes no further. I do get a lot of yelling and arguing between kids though and my screamer is also my incessant whiner.


@JenniferWhynott at least I'm not alone.


Wasn't he screaming a lot before you knew about his allergies? I know that he has been declared allergy-free, but the sudden introduction of all those foods his body isn't used to might be causing pain. Maybe scale back on the dairy and other irritants for a while?


@Gillian believe it or not, we hadn't thought of that until you said something. That said, I do think knowhow if that's what is behind this but it is something we can easily look into to. Thank you.


HUGS!!!!!! Would you be interested in using a visual board, something like I feel…. I need…. with pictures? If you need help with this I would be happy to help.


@Chloe123 at this point, I'm willing to try just about anything.


Rob–from a physiological point of view–it is believed that the screaming takes place with change in brain physiology–or shrinkage of the brain tissues.  Mine went through this from 15 mo to 5 years.  Not all the time–not everyday, and decreasing screaming the older they got.   I have debated taking up screaming to see if it makes me feel better–LOL.  I hope you can keep your sanity as he goes through this!


@Batty thanks 🙂


I remember those days. My autistic son is five now but between 18-24 months of age the screaming started. It was just out of the blue and he would come to me and stand there and just scream and no matter what I did it would last for at least an hour. I would go to another room and he would follow and stand directly in front of me and scream. It was awful because it was as if something was hurting him and I felt so helpless not knowing or understanding how to help him…Then as suddenly as it started he would stop and quietly go play or ask for juice and eventually in time there were some instances where he would actually state that he felt better while my nerves were on fire. This would even occur at night mostly in the middle of the night. He would sit up in bed and scream for an hour or so then go back to bed. Unfortunately this lasted for years and became the norm and in addition he became violent as well. So screaming while punching, kicking, biting, etc. I had to restrain him from hurting me or himself. How did it stop?? One day I happened to look up and notice that there had been days without a screaming tantrum and these days became longer and longer until they rarely occur. He has to be really upset to have an episode and they are shorter in duration. Hopefully your child will transition out of it as well as he gets older.


@Tishira thanks. As far as we can tell, there's no rhyme or reason to these episodes. I hope they will be outgrown as well.


Rob, have you tried really intense physical activity?  Michaela screams WAY less after swimming or gymnastics.


@Jenn50 He's not in anything too intense. Perhaps we need to look into something more physical.  Thank you

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