Fibromyalgia is a bitch -

Fibromyalgia is a bitch

Lizze is having a really,  really bad day.  She’s in the midst of a fibro flare so bad that she can literally, not move without breaking down in tears.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or the stress of Gavin’s behaviors.  Perhaps a combination of both.

All I do know for sure is that I wish I could take this away from her.

I would gladly trade places with her in a second.  I’m so tired of her being in so much pain all the time and there is nothing we can do about it.


One Monday, I’m calling the Cleveland Clinic and getting her in to see a rheumatologist.  When it comes to Fibromyalgia, they are the very best equipped to handle it.

Slowly but surely, we are moving all her care to the Cleveland Clinic because, much like Gavin, she’s a very complicated case and needs more care than she can receive locally.  I’m praying that they are able to provide her with relief.

I’m also praying that we can get Gavin placed soon because he is literally tormenting her.

The stress and fear generated by his behavior is most certainly not helping.

We are also coming into the worst time of year for her, winter. The cold doesn’t do her and favors.

Please keep Lizze in your thoughts and prayers today.  I think this is one of the worst days she’s had, at least that I can remember.


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Sorry that should read "Cymbalta' 🙂


I have found that celexa is a big help! Hugs xo


@lostandtired  @Mary Rob, Lizze might benefit from trying a gluten free diet despite not being Celiac. I suffered from horrible back, neck and leg pains as well as severe migraines  for many years and although I don't have Celiac disease I do have a serious gluten intolerance. Within two weeks of going wheat free my migraines had almost completely disappeared and within a month 90% of my body pain was gone. I also suffered from eczema and it's almost virtually gone now as well. Occasionally throughout the years I've slipped up and eaten something with wheat and within hours the eczema comes creeping back followed by aches and pains. Of course everybody is different and this might not be helpful to Lizze at all – but maybe it's worth a try?


@Nan @Mary Nan,
Nice to see you again. We've looked in the diet but she's not actually tried the diet.

Brianne Lynn

Very bad fibro day here for me too.  I am praying for her that her pain lessens.  Also praying that the stress level decreases in your house very, very soon.  Hugs.


@Brianne Lynn thank you. I hope you find relief as well. 🙂


So sorry that Lizze is suffering from these horrible flares! I'm going though these right now and they're just no fun-thanks Ohio weather and flu shot yesterday :(. I truly hope that Cleveland Clinic can get her more help—HATE for her to suffer like she is. I'm on Mobic and pain medicine for all the time and while for the most part I can function, still flares down me. And more: Lizze does NOT deserve Gavin's awful treatment of her–forgive me but again that angers me to no end!!! How much more can poor Lizze take? I know it's futile to make Gavin understand how he hurts Lizze and all, mainly kicking down someone is so sick!! Continuing to pray for peace for your family and for residental placement to come right now. Lizze, we have yet to meet but you're my friend and learning of your strength gives me incentive to push through the flares. Hang in there.


@MaryAnn47 I'm angry as well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 🙂


Has she tried Celebrex,My mom suffered from severe pain and stiffness,to where it hard for her to make it to the bathroom or move after sitting in a movie theater . Celebrex  saved her life ,she started on 2 pills a day and after a month she went to 1 pill, and it has been amazing , My mom has a friend  who has it found that physical therapy,massage and removing diet anything from her diet decreased her pain , and there is connection with Leaky Gut  and Celiac to fibromyalgia   I hope they find something to help her,my mom is doing so much better


@ChrisCrane thank you very much.

Mary Franzen Costell

Does Lizzie do the gluten free diet? I've read about a connection between celiac and fibromyalgia. My son has celiac and gets weird body pains. Just wondering if youve found
anything to the theory.


@Mary Franzen Costello she's not on the diet. She'sbeen tested for Celiac though.

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