All I can say is that today has gone down the drain.  I can only assume that there is a full moon that I don’t know about. 

Bella has lost her mind completely. She’s peed I the house, not once but twice.  She also chewed through the cord on my compressor as well.  The second time she peed, she destroyed our couch.  It was on its last leg anyway but still.

Emmett has been in rare form as well. There is absolutely no pleasing him today. Lizze tried to make him hot chocolate but it was never good enough. 

She remade it countless times to try and please him but it was no use. 

I hung out with Emmett for most of the day.  I told Lizze to take a nap while Emmett and I spent so time together.

He of course, never fell asleep.  He did however watch like 6 episodes of My Big Big Friends.  I’ll be really honest, I hate that friggin show.  I hate more now than I did yesterday.  However, it did stop the screaming so that’s a positive. 

However, after awhile, I think I honestly preferred the screaming. 🙁

Lizze is on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown and I don’t know how to help her.  Well, that’s not totally true.  I do know how to help her but we can’t get him into treatment just yet. 

We will be meeting with her therapist in the morning to try and figure something out.  My heart breaks for her and she’s in an impossible position.  Gavin just doesn’t let up on her and relentlessly targets her.  Sometimes it’s more aggressive and other times he makes her feel like she’s losing her mind.

He’s very, very good. 

I feel that we have reached a point that is without any wiggle room.  Something needs to give and give ASAP.

Unfortunately, there are very few options for families such as mine.  We may have to explore other, even temporary options. 

I truly hate to say this and it crushes my heart just to do so, but Gavin has become a catalyst, causing extreme levels of unrest, turmoil and pain.

He needs help and so do we.  🙁

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So sorry that Lizze is having a horrific time and about things progressing for the worse.  Forgive me, I know nothing about emergency assistance for situations like these:  is there any emergency foster care or emergency respite care available for Gavin?  Reason I ask is that in situations where Lizze's and family's emotional and physical health is compromised, if emergency placement would be present, you would most certainly qualify for it.  I completely agree that something has to give-and fast.  So sorry your family is going through this nightmare and I pray that you don't be held hostage any longer by those horrific behaviors.  You've done everything and more.
P.S.  I got declined for disability but in the process of appealing.  My promise of a gas card for you and Lizze still stands the minute I get approved 🙂


@MaryAnn47 thank you very much. I truly appreciate it, as does @fibromamaby3.
You bring up a really good point about emergency placement. I don't know enough about that but Im going to have to learn. 🙂
Thanks you

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