Feeling safe

Feeling safe

Elliott is easily our most sensitive child of the mix.  He hasn’t felt completely safe in quite some time.

However, he feels much better when Maggie or Bella cram themselves onto his twin bed.

I’m glad this helps him, even if it’s only at night.  I would think that night time would tend to among the scariest times of day for him. 

If only she didn’t hog the blanket.  🙂


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My kids will make nests with pillows and blankets sometimes, my youngest will sometimes build it in the closet. Maybe you can have a blanket just for the dog so she doesn't steal his, lol. 🙂


@JrjKmj @Mary Franzen Costello  @MaryAnn47 Thanks everyone.  He doesn't have a squish box. I will however be looking into that now. Thanks again for everything. 🙂


My daughter doesn't feel safe to sleep with out her snoopy blanket…its one my mother made for her with baby snoopys all over it. I'm glad your baby has a way to feel safe and sleep comfortably. 🙂

Mary Franzen Costell

Does Elliott have a squish box? Ive seen them made from a laundry basket and blankets. its a very calming hug. It's something a great OT Angie Voss suggests in her Facebook group about sensory disorders. She's written some great books too. I've gotten some great ideas from her that really help me understand and help Ethan.


LOVE!!! Makes me smile and those are the little moments to hold on to. Love that Elliot is feeling safe with those wonderful dogs 🙂

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