How does your child with #Autism watch TV? -

How does your child with #Autism watch TV?

This is completely random but I thought it could be interesting nonetheless. So here’s what happened. Emmett has this thing about watching TV while hanging upside down. I suspect this is sensory related but it could also be an Emmett-ismas well. I thought for today’s discussion, we could share the peculiar ways our kids like to watch TV.


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I am an adult Aspie (42)  I watch TV while sitting in a rocking chair.  I never stop rocking as I watch. My challenge is that I have hearing that goes in and out. Now I hear …Now I don’t. I use tha close captioning to help the situation. This tends to make peace with my partner. I also watch programs over and over as well as notice things in the background of programs or inconsistencies.  ty for a great website..

Ethans NaNa

I'm new to your site. I have a grandson who is almost 13 but actually About 14 Months. he doesn't, speak and still wears diapers at 6ft and over 200lbs. he is autistic and is mentally challenged. He was very high maintence until about 6yrs old and he suddenly changed, less violent, etc. His whole personality changed and now is like a big teddy bear who lives in his own world that is a very happyplace. Don't know what happened but am so glad it did.
my sweet grandson Ethan only watches VCR Tapes constantly rewinding them in short intervals over and over and over again.
Ethan's NaNa


@Ethans NaNa so very nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing.


When Ethan watches tv, which is mostly only videos, he stands and operates the DVD/VCR and tv with his toes. He will occasionally do wall push-ups when stemming. He also tends to watch the same parts over and over. Thank you Goodwill for you endless supply of DVD/VCR players.


@PTL247 my kids do the same as far as watching the same parts repeatedly. Goodwill is a great place to find dvd players. 🙂


Marek likes to stand close and pace in front of the TV….while Zander (Aspie) tends to stand and rock from foot to foot……


@JennuinelySweet my Emmett just started standing right in front of the TV. He doesn't rock or pace, he just stands like a statue, when he's not watching upside down on the couch. 🙂


She usually watches by standing right next to the entertainment center with her face as close to the TV as she can get it. 🙂


@Amy I wonder of there is sensory processing reasons for that?

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