The peculiar habits of your child with #Autism

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As parent to 3 boys on the #Autism spectrum,  I have been witness to some peculiar behaviors and routines at times.
The latest peculiar habit belongs to my sweet Emmett John. 


It actually gave us a chuckle last night. 

For some reason, Emmett has to take one shoe and one sock off before he walks upstairs to brush his teeth and try potty before bed. 

After he brushes his teeth and uses the potty, he takes his last shoe and sock off before climbing into bed. 

We have no idea why he does this but he does this quite often.

It’s really kinda cute but I’m not sure the he even realizes that he’s doing this.  I think it’s kind of an automatic thing and he doesn’t actually think about it. 

I was wondering if your child has any of these peculiar, endearing but otherwise strange behaviors?

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  • PatriciaShaver says:

    My Son has a diving stick that he carries with him most of the time.  When he is listening to music he conducts.  The faster the beat the fast the stick goes up and down.