Can you say DEMANDING -

Can you say DEMANDING

I absolutely love Emmett to death.  He’s an amazing kid and I’m so incredibly proud of him.  As of late, he’s become quite the little dictator.  He literally has to be glued to me, every second of the day. 

He demands that I play with him and if I can’t, for whatever reason, he completely freaks out. 

Today has already been difficult because I have office work that I have to get done, before noon and all he wants to do is play.

Lizze is in no shape to be my surrogate today or any day for that matter. 

I’m beginning to become overwhelmed by this demand for my attention. 

On one hand, I truly consider it an honor to be loved so much by my son.  One the other hand, there simply isn’t enough of me to go around.  Heck, I don’t even have enough for me.  Did that even make sense?

I know that Emmett is insecure in his world and controlling as much as possible, helps him to feel better. 

I completely understand.

However, not only am I getting this from Emmett but Elliott as well.  So I have both boys competing for attention. 

I tried like crazy to kill two birds with one stone, son to speak.  I’ve tried to blend what they each want to do so we could all play together.  Typically, that a no go with one or both of them.

In moments of admittedly bad parenting, sprinkled with self-preservation and a dash of disparity, I cave into their demands.  All I’m doing is feeding the beast but Lizze can’t take the screaming and neither can I…….

I also know that there are driving forces behind this behavior that are way outside of their control. Also, they simply aren’t typical kids. They have a host of sensory processing and anxiety issues, that tends to dictate much of their behavior.

I’m not angry, bitter or even slightly upset with them.  What I am is completely and utterly exhausted. 

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Hi, doesn’t Emmett qualify for any early c hildhood services? My kids with autism attended a birth to three program and early childhood preschool in the public school.  I know you are not in Wisconsin, but was wondering what your schools offer in the way of early intervention services.

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