Murphy's Law is a bitch -

Murphy’s Law is a bitch

I wrote a post the other day that talked about how, at least in my family, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I’d like to back that claim up with the events of the past 2 days.

Last night, I learned that my blog was at risk of being shut down do to the high volume of traffic. I’m currently working on resolving this issue. Thank you all for your donations to help me move to a new,  more powerful server.

This morning, I was cleaning the first floor and letting Lizze sleep.  Shortly after Lizze can down, about 11:30am, we noticed a trail of blood on the floor. 

Lizze and I, having watched many a crime show, are armchair forensic experts. 

We tracked the source of the blood to Bella. 

For those of you new to this blog, Bella is Emmett’s pseudo service dog.  She’s a pure bred, female Boxer puppy and the most accident prone living thing I have ever seen.

A few months ago, she had another accident and ripped one of her front nails, almost completely off. There was blood everywhere.

Whatever she did then, she did again this morning and to the same foot.  It’s a different nail and it’s broken in what at least appears to be a more serious way.

Last time, the Vet was able to just snip the nail back.  This time, she broke it in such a way that it’s broken at the top and the cracked runs backwards, right into her toe, hence all the blood. 

We can’t get her into the Vet until Monday.

As any Stark County resident that has used the Emergency Vet can attest to, they are insanely expensive. So wait we will. 

I’m thinking that she will be okay because we’ve stopped the bleeding by packing the wound with flour, as instructed. Bella will be living, tethered to the couch until Monday.

Thankfully, the boys and especially Emmett, are still with my parents.  He would have lost it if he witnessed Bella in pain. 

We also noticed what appears to be a rash and a bunch of scratches, all over her underside. Perhaps she’s allergic to something or she messed herself up, tussling with Maggie outside this morning?

I told you,  everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy’s Law is a bitch.





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