Thank God for Crazy Glue -

Thank God for Crazy Glue

Elliott and Emmett arrived home.  Emmett immediately noticed something was wrong with Bella. We explained that she had broken her toe nail. Both the E’s are very concerned and Emmett has been giving Bella extra hugs because they will make her feel better

Lizze and I reexamined the nail and cleaned it up a little better with some peroxide wipes.

The nail is actually cracked all the way around but stops at the bottom on both sides.  Basically, the underside of the nail is intact. 

That got me thinking. 

I figure that since the wound is clean and it’s just the actual nail, why not just glue it back with Crazy Glue?

I’ve sealed cuts with crazy glue and they do it in the hospital as well.

Anyway, I simply secured the nail by filling in the crack with crazy glue. Not only is the nail good as new, mostly, it’s also sealed from germs as well.

It’s not as bad as we first thought. The nail didn’t actually move, it was just cracked.  I also figured that it will eventually grow out.  If we have to, we will figure out how to get her to the Vet.

I really feel that this will be okay.  Bella acts as if nothing is wrong and isn’t in any sort of pain. 

Hopefully, this will be alright.  I’ll call the Vet on Monday and let them know. 

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