Elliott’s tree nut allergy journey: Working with the school

Lizze spoke with the school this morning about Elliott‘s new diagnosis. They we’re very cooperative, as I knew they would be.  They also supported keeping him home until we get everything figured out.

There is paperwork and they need their own set, as in two, epipens. These would stay at the school at all times. 


We have to call the doctor about this because we only have two and those are for home.

We spoke with the pharmacy and it’s $400+ for two more pens.  Insurance will only cover 1 script per month.  I’m not sure at the moment, how we’re gonna work this out. 

I think the immunologist will have to fight for it, otherwise, how is he going to return to school? I mean, we can’t give them his epipens from home because what happens if something happens and he needs them? We also can’t send him to school without them for the same reason.

This is one of those rock and a hard place type of thing. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Can you get by for a few weeks or so with one epi-pen at school and one at home? The second one, from what our pharmacist told us and what I have read on food allergy association website is really just for backup. Up to a few years ago, most folks only carried one epi-pen on them, not too. And the school should also have benedryl, which can be administered immediatly during a reaction alongside the epi-pen.