Stop Relax and Think: Review and Giveaway

Recently I had the unique opportunity to take a look at another, unique board game called Stop, Relax & Think. This game is from Childswork/Childsplay.

This game is geared towards special needs children and focuses on impulsivity.

In this game, active, children with impulse control issues can learn motor

control, skills to help them relax, how to express their feelings as well as problem-solve. The instructions included in this game also provide information about how this game can be used as both a diagnostic and a treatment tool.

The players answer questions that are designed to make them stop and think, hence the game title.

An example of these questions are as follows:

You think you have more and harder chores than your sister. You don‘t think this is fair. What can you do?


You don‘t understand how to do your math homework and no one is around to help.

As with the previous game I tested and reviewed, I don‘t know that this is meant for home use. I can see this doing very well in a more therapeutic environment.

My kids are considered highly intelligent but they couldn’t really get into this game. As the instructions suggest, you really need some type of moderator to facilitate game play and help with the questions.

Having said that, as with my previous review, this game would be fantastic in a school or clinical setting. In fact, we actually donated the last game to our kids speech therapist and we will do the same with this one as well.

Our speech therapist was so excited to receive this game and it’s something she could use in therapy sessions.

In my experience and opinion, using this game in a more therapeutic environment makes way more sense than using this in the home, especially with younger kids like Elliott and Emmett.

That doesn’t mean that your child wouldn’t benefit from this at home. I think that my kids are maybe a little bit to young.

This would benefit the right people, in the right environment. It’s just not for us, in the home environment..

I will be giving one of these games away. Even if you don‘t think you could use this yourself, win this for your school or local therapist. It’s easy to enter and fun to win.  

This giveaway will run today, November 27, 2012 through midnight, December 5, 2012.

This would make a great gift for a special needs teacher or therapist. With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to snag gifts like this. Besides, who doesn’t like free?

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