How often do you use the word #Autism?

It occurred to me the other day that I almost never use the word #Autism anymore.  On occasion, I use it in the title of a post, mostly for SEO reasons.  However, most of the time when I talk about my kids anymore, I don‘t use the word #Autism.

It got me thinking.  Does that mean something? Is me not using the word #Autism as often anymore have some deeper meaning?

The only time that I’m aware of using the words #Autism in regards to my kids anymore is usually when I’m sharing stories about our experience or maybe talking to their therapist.


To me, my boys are just my boys.  I’ve never defined them by their diagnosis and so majority of the time #Autism never crosses my mind.

Perhaps, over time, I have come to truly accept their #Autism just as I accept everything else about them? I mean, in the beginning, all I talked about was #Autism this and #Autism that.  Maybe that was my way of trying to process what was happening?

Either way, I absolutely adore my kids.  #Autism is part of who they are. Who knows where one ends and the other begins?

I used to want to remove #Autism from their lives.  However, as I have grown wiser with age, I realized that while it would be nice to be able to remove their challenges, I would also be removing a huge part of who they are.

Having said that, I completely understand why a parent would want to free their child from #Autism.  For some, they are much, much more profoundly affected. 

I would never judge some one for feeling that way.  It’s a similar but different journey for everyone

My point is, that for me, I think that time and experience has taught me to see things from a different perspective.

Not everyone will share my opinion and you know what, that’s okay. Likewise, I certainly don‘t share the same opinions as everyone else.

As far as I’m concerned, our differences should help bind us together and not keep us apart. 

So I was wondering where you stand. How often do you use the word #Autism in your life? Why do you that over time, we tend to move beyond the diagnosis? Do you think that we simply come to truly accept our child‘s diagnosis and almost lose the word #Autism for our vocabulary?

I would really be interested to get your thoughts and opinions on this, regardless of what they happen to be.  🙂

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I use the term, but rarely and try to do so only when it’s needed and relevant. Otherwise, just because my 4-year son is autistic doesn’t mean he needs to be introduced, or defined, that way.


@Michael very well said. I totally agree