Having the crap scared out of you, literally

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You know how a pet can have a certain quality? Something that you always associate with them. Well,  we have only had Dean for a few days but it’s become very clear that he has a very special talent.

It turns out that anytime that Dean gets scared, he poops on the floor.


This has happened 3 or 4 times now. 

Maggie had Dean sorta cornered behind a piece of furniture this afternoon and once again, had the crap scared out of him, literally.

The other three times, Dean pooped on Lizze.  🙂

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  • OnyxPanthyr says:

    Awww…  Hopefully as he adjusts and becomes more comfortable in his new home, he won’t be so scared shitless anymore.  He is adorable.  🙂  (I have a weakness for cats…)

  • Brianne Lynn says:

    Very pretty kitty 🙂

  • dotdash says:

    You are very forgiving people, obviously.  If a cat pooped on me three times — no smiley face.