#Autism and Animals: What's your experience? -

#Autism and Animals: What’s your experience?

Moments like this make me so happy.  As a father,  I’m thrilled to death that my son has this kind of companionship with his puppy.

Bella is an amazing dog and has done more for Emmett in the last year than all the therapies thus far ever have. 

Emmett still spends a great deal of time with Bella, each and every day.

I would love to hear your experience with animals and your #Autistic child’s? Please replay via the comments below……


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With three ASD kids, having pets at their feet has been a positive experience. Two dogs, a cat and a couple of geckos in terrariums have played an interesting, important part of their lives. Agreeing with RhondaCat about the dogs sixth sense, as our big dog, Shiloh, always senses problems and is quick to comfort.


My daughter, Katie, is and has been volunteering at an animal shelter for the last three years.  She loves animals and most of them love her. She is known as the cat whisperer.


My son was not interested in the pets we had before I had him. So when my pet passed away I was a little nervous getting another one. Thank goodness I did we got a kitten when he was 2 and he bonded with the cat and still 8 years later you always catching them cuddling and my son grabs her the moment he is overwhelmed and cuddles with her and it helps calm him and make him feel better. I think the pet I had before was already established in our lives and my son just always knew it was there but bringing the pet in when he was a little older was so much different!


My son doesn’t care for animals and I really regret that. My dog has helped me get through so much in life, including my day-to-day anxiety.


I saw this IAMS pet food commerical and with out saying it out right we all know this chld has autism …..  Sweet commerical       https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GXhXsex8y9c


I wish my daughter cared about animals.  That was actually one of the first cues we had that something was wrong.  She wouldn’t look at them, wouldn’t touch them, and generally ignored their existence.  At the time, we had 4 cats and 2 dogs, all different personalities and types, and she would have nothing to do with any of them.  If we tried to move her hand to get her to touch one of them, she’d ball up her fists and pull away.  Now, we consider it a HUGE victory to catch her grabbing the cat’s tail, or putting her feet on the dog.  Fortunately, our pets are affectionate critters who tolerate rough handling with good nature.  Our yellow lab is so perplexed by Michaela’s rejection, and so thrilled to get any kind of attention from her.


Animals are better for them than we are sometimes….they have a sixth sense…know when a child needs comforting before the meltdown can even occur at times. Abbi has a dog but she is feisty and kinda big…still they love on each other. I just worry sweet girl getting hurt. Yes I am a worry wart. I also worried about a tiny dog getting trampled by A or feeling scared might even bite to defend themselves. Abbi is way more gentle with her animals than she is her Mommy and I have the bruises and bite marks to prove it.

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