Do you remember your favorite thing to do at your Grandma’s house?

When I was growing up, I always loved to visit my Grandparents. One of the things that sticks in my mind about my Mom’s parents was this bingo set.

My Grandma would always let us play with these magnetic wands and these plastic bingo chips with a metal ring around them.

We never played bingo, we just loved spreading the chips out and picking them up with the magnetic wand.  I don’t know why I remember that so fondly but I do. 

When I would visit my Dad’s parents, I remember always going down into the basement and getting out this game that was very similar to shuffle board.  Basically, you slid these little puck/marble things down this track.  Whoever got closest to the line with out going over wins. 

Again, I don’t know why that sticks in my head but it does and it’s a really pleasant memory.

I like the fact that my kids are building their own set of special memories.

Leave it to Emmett to make me laugh with his.

My Mom has what I think is a clip you put on a bag of chips to hold it closed. Emmett just loves this thing.  The last few times I’ve picked him up, he’s playing with that clip.

In fact, the other day he was eating with it. 
Other times he simply likes to pinch it onto his close or fingers.  This may actually be a sensory thing for him. Either way he’s just too stinking cute. 🙂

This was the highlight of my day.  🙂


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