Pet Peeve of The Day: Bumper Stickers

I make it a habit not to judge others as I don’t want to be judged myself. Having said that, every once in awhile I come across something that just drives me crazy.

Today we were driving home from the grocery store and pulled up next to the nice Nissan Altima.

I was driving so I couldn’t grab a picture.

However, the back of this car had about 6 bumper stickers on it.  In my personal opinion, that’s the easiest way to devalue your car.


Let me say this.  If your a fan of defacing your car with with bumper stickers, more power to you.  However, for the love of God, put the friggin things on straight.

It drives me crazy to see bumper stickers just slapped on the ass end of a car, with no regard for aesthetics.

Maybe I’m crazy and this would never bother anyone else but when I see vinyl lettering on someone car and it’s not level, I feel compelled to fix it.  Have you never heard of a level? All you have to do is keep the bubble between the lines.

Please, if you’re going to do something like this, take the time to do it right.

Alright, that is my pet peeve for today.

I’m curious to know if this bothers anyone else? Admittedly, I can be a perfectionist but I mean come on, that’s just sloppy.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Don’t these comments below about hitting/self harm belong on a different blog post? I think your comment system is messed up somehow. Very strange.


@EmilyReviewsCom You’re correct. I think it’s a result of the database crash and subsequent recovery.


He’s behaving like Gavin, Gavin has been there for a few days and flipped out to the point of having oatmeal? I don’t know that this one is that hard to figure out. I am so sorry, this must be a terrible thing for a parent to have to witness. I watch a young family member on the weekends, and his brother has severe ADHD (and most of the family is convinced on the spectrum, as is one of his teachers that is a friend if mine. It was like pulling teeth to even get the mother to allow the ADHD Eval. Even then, the he’s only medicated ‘when he had to behave’. That must be horrible for a child.) Anyway, his brother has been spending more time at HIS biological father’s house since their mother passed away, and what do you know? The younger one no longer exhibits any ADHD symptoms. Or nearly as much emotional upheaval; it broke my heart when he calmly informed me that his brother ‘hates him’.


Where was he hitting himself?  I ask because it’s an important factor in helping his doctors determine whether it’s related to medications or something else.  Sometimes localized self-injury can be a physical reaction to irritation, other pain, and over/understimulation to that area.  Localized self-injury (usually attacks to the head) can also be a physical attempt to get rid of thoughts or memories (or so i’ve been told by a few head hitters) or an attempt for self-punishment.  If it’s random self-injurious behavior (SIB), then it’s mostly likely behavioral.  Hopefully this will work out quickly for you.


Our son Matt,when he was little was tried on Ritelin and he hit himself ,we took him off and the behavior went away, a few months ago ,it be began again ,It was his diet,we withdrew dairy,pop,juices,candy ,dyes,and limit bread ,and started him on pro-botics ,the self injury stopped ,and so did melt downs,and less stimming and  much more interaction . If he is given something that effects him ,his behavior changes ,like someone flipped a switch,almost like a allergic reaction .I believe these kids suffer from leaky gut,and they become more and more allergic ,The diet is not easy ,the whole family must adopt it,We have given up our weekly pizza night ,and only water is in the house. (we are sure matt can smell milk and pop from a mile away)LOL  But he is so much better we will not go back,and we have all lost some weight (yeah!) I think all these kids are different ,so one diet ,does not fit all,write down his food and see how his behavior changes. Maybe this might help you, and on a side note,Our Matt can not tolerate the new light bulbs (the low energy ones ) made him hum constantly and stimm a lot .The old bulbs came back and the humming stopped !  The best advice I ever got about these kids,is there is a reason for the meltdowns maybe we don’t see it at first but keep looking ,  Good Luck and I hope you find out what is bothering him soon,   Gloria