The Penny war ends on Friday -

The Penny war ends on Friday

Something that Elliott and Gavin’s school is doing is called The Penny War. Each classroom is trying to collect the most pennies. You can also put dollar bills, nickels, dimes and quarters into another classrooms pot


For example, if a classroom get a $1 bill in their pot, they loose 100 pennies.  Hence the phrase Penny Wars.

Anyways, when all is said and done, the money will be counted, converted into cash and donated to a family in need.  This is one war that I support.  In fact, we been arming Elliott‘s classroom with ammunition. 

We’ve done the same for Gavin‘s classroom for years.  Now it’s Elliott’s turn.

The winning classroom gets a pizza party

As the dust settles by Friday afternoon, we should have the winner announced.  However, in my eyes, they’re all winners for donating to a good cause.  🙂

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