It's okay to escape for a bit -

It’s okay to escape for a bit

I never thought I would say this but I miss being carded. Dammit, I feel old. 

I ran out to the grocery store tonight to grab some bathroom essentials and at Lizze‘s request, a bottle of wine. 

Now, Lizze and I never drink and I mean never drink. We always had too much going on and didn’t want to start self-medicating.

However, our goal after this meeting we had this morning was to reduce our stress levels. 

With that said, I picked up a bottle of the very best Giant Eagle had to offer and my $7 budget would allow.  I also picked up a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream as well.  Although, thinking about this now, I’m not sure that will mix well.


Anyway, Lizze and I are going to have a glass or rather a coffee mug of wine, as we don‘t own any glasses anymore, and watch something on Netflix.

Maybe some of you can understand that sometimes, there is a need to feel normal. A need to just be…..

Does that make sense to anyone?

No one’s getting drunk or anything like that. It just feels nice to sit on the couch with my better half and enjoying a coffee mug of Arbor Mist and watching a cheesy horror movie on TV.

I really feel that it’s okay to want to feelnormal”  every once in awhile.  Who the hell knows what normal is? I know I don‘t.

I just think that it’s a good idea to sometimes take a step back and enjoy some of the finer things in life, like a $6 bottle of fruity wine a bowl of ice cream and a scary movie.

There’s nothing wrong with responsibly escaping all the challenges that life has blessed us with, every now and again. It’s a way to sorta regroup and recharge.  After all, if I burn out, than who’s life would you read about.  😉

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What is normal?  🙂 good for you and Lizzie.


I love Arbor Mist!! Every once in a while it’s nice to have a glass and pretend we are a normal couple. The kind that have baby sitters and date nights and things like “couple time”.  We don’t have any of that, but if we manage to get the kids to sleep, in their room, and we don’t fall asleep first, that’s something to celebrate!!


@MindyTonsingAllen Amen

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