Autonomic Crisis: Selling the Drama -

Autonomic Crisis: Selling the Drama

Gavin had bloodwork done about an hour or so ago. At this point, he seems to have stabilized enough to be sent home. We’ll know more when the blood work comes back

Thus far, things have been interesting.  Gavin was in full on drama queen mode.

He was screaming and crying for no reason, other than trying to get the attention of the pretty nurses.  Very frustrating on our end because his behavior made things more difficult on everyone. 

I missed Elliott’s promotion and Gavin‘s acting like a drama queen. 

This has nothing to do with aspergers, autism or overstimulation.. It’s all about getting attention and cresting a scene.  That would be the reactive attachment disorder. 

I realize that none of this is his fault per say. However he is responsible for his choices, and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of the drama.  I love Gavin, I always have and always will.  Having said that, I don‘t have to love his behaviors and trust me, I don‘t. 

I know that some of you out there can understand how frustrating this type of behavior can be.  My heart goes out to all of you, especially you Carl. If there’s a person on this planet that completely understands its him. 


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