Pizza and Turtles: A Christmas Eve Tradition

Pizza and Turtles: A Christmas Eve Tradition

I’m all about making new traditions as most of the old ones aren’t compatible with 3 Autistic children. 

Tonight we decided to do something different and perhaps even make it a new tradition.

We are watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and eating Pizza Hut.  The boys are having a good time but already itching to go to bed.  I almost wish every night was Christmas Eve.  On second thought…… No.

Anyway, this seems like it could be a cool new tradition that we adopted.

The other cool thing is that Gavin is home and while his behaviors can be a hit annoying, he’s actually doing really well so far. 

Even Lizze is impressed with his behaviors and she has been the victim of his inappropriate touching and passive aggressive attacks for a long time now. 

Lizze and I have some final preparations for Santa’s arrival tonight but not much. 

I’m looking forward to kicking back tonight and playing some Halo 4. That reminds me.  I got my xbox 360 back recently.  My bluetooth headphones stopped working and instead of using the protection plan for another set of headphones, I opted to just take the store credit and I used it to grab a new 360 and Halo 4.

I still even have a bit of credit left over. Well,  it’s only $1.37 but hey, that’ll buy Lizze a Coke. 

I love being able to pull something off like that because I would otherwise not been able to afford one. 

Those Best Buy protection plans are worth every dime. 

I hope all goes well for everyone tonight.

Merry Christmas

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