Off topic but relavent -

Off topic but relavent

This is way off topic but it does pertain to my life.  We bought our TV in Feb of 2009 for like $1,200 at Best Buy.  It’s served us well since then but has been developing problems. 

The problems revolve around these thick black bands that run vertically across the screen.  They are very obvious on lighter color screens. 

Anyways, we have a service/replacement plan that will cover the repair/replacement of our TV.  Geek Squad will be arriving this afternoon to deliver a diagnosis and let me know what we are dealing with. 

I’m pretty excited because I think it will need to be replaced and we will get that value of what we paid for the TV in store credit.  

I was looking yesterday and for the same price, we are looking at a 60 inch TV by today’s standards.  That’s so friggin awesome.  I’ve wanted a new TV for awhile and now I may be able to get one at no cost. 

I realize that in reality and considering what we have going on in our lives, this shouldn’t be a big deal.  However, sometimes it’s nice to be able to do something like this and feel like any other family for a change.  Sometimes there is a need for normalcy.

What’s this going to hurt?

This is the very reason we had the service plan in the first place. It’s not my fault the TV is going bad and I shouldn’t feel guilty about using the plan to get it fixed or replaced. Best case scenario, we get in store credit.  We can’t exactly pay the bills with that.


I’ve decided that I’m going to remain excited and guilt free.

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june jones

You have obviously had money issues for quite some time by reading previous posts, you ask for people to donate to your family; yet you purchased a TV for 1200???? REALLY????  Reality check please!


@june jones wow.. You are just so judgemental. We bought that TV over 4 years ago. At the time, we could afford it. Things only really got bad over the last year, after our van was stolen and we lost everything we had invested into it.
I love connecting with new readers but I don’t need them if you are going to be this judgemental.


@june jones also. I don’t ask for donations. Learn to read. I put that there per reader requests. Also, I bought that TV before I never had this blog.


@LeannaGeorge @NikC @OnyxPanthyr @jjean3940 @lostandtired Thanks everyone. The appointment went well and the Geek Squad agent was really cool. The LCD panel is bad and so he ordered a new one. The install date is Jan 12. If the panel doesn’t arrive by then or can’t be found, we will get a $1200 BB gift card.


We are on tv #3 because of that service plan. Don’t feel guilty. That’s what it’s there for! It was a good investment. Enjoy!


I’d go for a smaller and cheaper tv (but not skimping on the quality) and save the leftover for goodies later in the year when I really want something to treat myself.  🙂


whoohoo!  free stuff!  enjoy it!  hey, you’re just as happy for insurance covered OT right?  same thing, just more FUN for once.  not sure if that makes sense


We had a similar problem with a TV we bought after Tax Returns last year.  It was a resister that had gone bad.  It was an RCA and still under manufacturer’s warranty.  While it took a few weeks in total (between RCA sending repairman coming to look at the set, getting a shipping box delivered, then shipping the TV out, and finally getting a replacement TV), I will say RCA had pretty good customer service and return program so we were happy.

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