Manic Monday: #Autism and change -

Manic Monday: #Autism and change

Today marks the return of the school day.  This is a good news/bad news kinda thing.  I’m pretty excited about this because while I will miss Elliott, he needs the routine and normalcy of school. 

I don’t know how excited he is to go back but it’s definitely the best thing for him right now.

Gavin, while at his grandparents, will be returning to school as well.  He loves school so I can see him being really excited about returning. 

I opened with something about good news/bad news.


You see, the good news is that the boys are getting back to their normal.  The bad news is that the boys are getting back to their normal routine.

I know, pretty confusing right?

It’s actually pretty simple.  Typically, kids with #Autism don’t do well with change.  While the return of their routine is a huge positive, it’s also a change and therefore will likely cause some distress. 

It will certainly take a few days to get back into the swing of things.  My hope is that this Manic Monday is just a little less Manic and a bit more forgiving to all involved. 

Life is had enough for my kids on a good day.  Having to deal with significant change makes things so much more difficult. I know that at least someone out there is nodding their head in agreement.  When working with people on the autism spectrum, change can really, really suck.

The Lost and Tired family will just hunker down and muscle through it as best we can. 

We’ll probably have to cut the kids a bit more slack than normal.  However, that’s a small price to pay for helping them to get through this period of adjustment…

To all my Lost and Tired families out there, I wish you and yours the very best. 

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Thought of you when I read this.  WE ALL need to take note!
This TOO Shall Pass You have to decide, If your in a wheelchair, if your arms are taken, if you have cronic illness, if your child is disabled, if you have limited options, if your days are, for lack of a better word HARD as hell, if before you even open your eyes you know you’ll need the strength and heart of a lion, you have to, at some point say to yourself, this is my life, THIS IS MY JOURNEY and come hell or high water im gonna be a good person, im going to smile, and im going to bloody enjoy it because im not getting another one.


@lyndavisyak thank you very much. 🙂

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