Are there any Christmas presents you wish you could make disappear?

Are there any Christmas presents you wish you could make disappear?

Every year,  there is always at least one Christmas present that I wish I could make disappear from the house.  Typically, these are really loud or annoying toys however, this year it’s different. 

This year, I’m fantasizing about making all the goddamm Silly Puddy vanish without a trace. 


I’ve already had to through one blanket away because a huge glob of Silly Puddy was stuck in it.  I’m tired of trying to remove it from the couch cushions, cracks in the hardwood floor and worst of all, the carpet. 

I used to love Silly Puddy but now it’s become my nemesis and I wish to vanquish this monster before anything else in my house gets destroyed.

Is there a particular toy or present that someone in your home received that you absolutely hate and wish you could make disappear?

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and for us its not the presents persay but the fact that my mil is a packrat and assumes that everyone else is too (her mother and sisters are as well). We get BOXES of toys every time we visit that are left over my my hubby, his cousins, ect. we got a paper box full of matchbox cars, one of wooden train tracks, one of train parts to go on said tracks, and a big tub of lincon logs. thats on top of the normal presents! And my husband informed me we aren’t supposed to get rid of any of it, we are supposed to hold onto it till his cousins kids are old enough, then pass it on…


does ice work on silly putty?

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