Challenge of the day: Return the grocery cart

Challenge of the day: Return the grocery cart

I wanted to start this and see if there’s any interest.  Basically, I’ll issue a challenge and that challenge is intended to pay it forward. 

You’d be surprised to know how a simple gesture can make or break someone’s day. 

To test this out, I’m challenging all of you to return the grocery cart back to the inside of the store, or at least the outside rack, when your done with it. 

Someone has to go out and collect all the carts when they are left in the parking lot.  I personally, always try to return the cart myself so that it makes life a little bit easier for the person who has to collect them.  Whenever they see me do that, they always smile and say thank you. 

It’s also a bit of exercise as well.  🙂

Are you up to the challenge???  If so, let me know about it by leaving a comment and telling me how it went and what if anything happened.


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I always bring the cart back to the cart corral or inside the store, depending on whether or not the small one is with me.


My fiance worked at a supermarket, and his job (amongst other things) was rounding up the carts (we call them trolleys) from the allocated trolley spaces and bringing them back to the front of the shop. His particular store had a multistorey carpark with a spiralling ramp out of it, and he used to ride the lines of trolleys down the ramp.
It sounds equal parts terrifying and awesome.


I ALWAYS take my cart back and have taken them for other people as well 🙂 I think it’s pure laziness to not at least put them back in the cart corral. I esp hate it when people put them in empty parking spaces forcing me to get out of my car to move them just to park in the space.


Same here! And it’s even worse when people leave their carts between your car and the one next to you so you have to move that one too after you’re done with your own!


@Melisssssa that’s awesome. Good for you. That’s a personal pet peeve of mine.


What about the people who are employed to return these carts?
If everyone does too good a job, do we have to worry about them losing their jobs?


@Jimnumber2 dammit, I didn’t think about that.


@Jimnumber2 really though, how many people will actually do this?


People who get carts also do other things around the store. 😉 Also, some one has to bring them all back into the store and into the store corral.

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