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Lizze is having a really bad day, pain-wise and so she laying in bed.  Emmett and I are hanging out together. 

After breakfast and a few episodes of Spiderman Unlimited, he decided that Play Doh was the direction we should take the morning in..

I’ve said this before but I say it again, Play Doh is amazing for kids on the #autism spectrum.  At least that’s my experience.  There is good sensory feedback from squishing the Play Doh between fingers and even toes. 

Anyway, today Emmett decided that we were going to go bowling with Play Doh

I made the round bowling balls out of Play Doh and Emmett, being the resourceful little man that he is, used an old DS stylus to make the holed for our fingers. 

Then we made the actual pins out of white Play Doh and set them up.  We played until the Play Doh needed to go back into its containers because it was drying out. 

I’ve never play Bowling with Play Doh before but I can now check that off my Bucket List.  🙂




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