#Autism, a boy and his dog -

#Autism, a boy and his dog

I wanted to share this, not only because it’s friggin adorable but because it shows the unique bond that a child can have with a pet. 

We’ve had Bella for about a year now and she was 8 yeeks old at the time. 

For some reason,  Bella and Emmett bonded in a way that brought him out of his shell and into the world.

I have no idea what has caused this bond to form,  but I’m certainly grateful that it has.  Emmett’s made more progress in the last year,  since she’s been at his side, then he has in previous years. 

I’m not sure if Bella sensed something in Emmett but I know that Emmett sensed something in Bella. 

As Emmett becomes more independent, they are as attached at the hip as they had been.  Having said that, scenes like this are very common in the Lost and Tired household. 

This afternoon, Emmett just wouldn’t lay down for a nap.  I hung out with him and had him lay down on the couch.  Before his head hit the pillow, Bella was laying next to him and snuggling up to him. 

Eventually,  this is what transpired……

As Emmett’s father, I’m beyond overjoyed to see things like this.  #Autism can be a scary thing at times, especially when your dealing with things like regression.

I feel a bit more at peace knowing that Bella is there for him when he needs her. 

Today, she helped him fall asleep, tomorrow, who knows. 🙂






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Ok the first souple of pix are so adorable but then my sarcastic smart alec side stepped in and in the bottom ones she looks like she is kinda rethinking the idea to be his pillow. She is looking like ummm how long should I wait till I move! I love me a good boxer and child pic


I know. I thought the same thing. It almost looks like her eyes are bulging out. 🙂


Oh my goodness! That has got to be the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time! It's amazing how angelic they look when sleeping(when my son was little I said the same thing, it was awake he wasn't an angel!). And Bella being so dear and patient as a pillow….thanks for the share of such a great moment!



Thank you. 🙂 …and your welcome


Awww look at them snuggling, awww look at them sleeping, OH MY GOSH AHHHH THEYRE SO CUTE HE HAS HIS HEAD ON HER HEAD AND SHES LETTING HIM GAHHHH SO CUTE.


Shes really a great dog


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Awww. Doggy makes a great pillow.


Thanks 🙂




Thank you 🙂

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