Where the heck did this weather come from?

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I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, especially since I live in Ohio.  However, we haven’t had TV for many years so keeping up on the weather is harder than it once was. 

We got this nice winter storm blowing through right now that has made the roads and absolute nightmare.

Some of the main roads are getting better as the city is getting caught up but I think we managed to dodge a snow day by only a few hours.  The weather began just after school began this morning. 

It’s bad enough that I wouldn’t bring Emmett with me to pick up Elliott. 

I had to leave him kicking and screaming at home with Lizze,  which I’m sure isn’t doing her migraine a bit of good. 

I’m also the only parent here to pick up their kids, 5 minutes before dismissal.  That’s very unusual. 


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