Lizze fell down the stairs today -

Lizze fell down the stairs today

Lizze was up all night with fibro induced insomnia,  again.  Early the morning I was awoken to Lizze’s screaming and Elliott and Emmett’s crying. 

Moments before I awoke,  Lizze had fallen down the stairs as was screaming in pain.  The boys were crying, because they had witnessed her fall.

I don’t think she needs the hospital because the fall wasn’t bad. 

Having said that, she’s out of commission for the day.

I was up with her as long as I could last night, so I’m exhausted and do barely able to keep my eyes open.

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For more ways to help the Lost and Tired family, please visit Help the Lost and Tired Family.

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I pray she will be ok!! That's scary I hope you guys are alright…


That's not normal for a woman her age. I wonder if there is a secondary cause for what's going on.
You should take her to the ER. Could she have other neuro issues???

Onyx Panthyr

I'm glad she's not hurt. Keep an eye on her just in case. *hugz to Lizze*

Shawna S.

So sorry to hear of Lizze's fall. Glad she is ok and I hope you get some rest.
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