My "emergency" wake up call -

My “emergency” wake up call

Emmett woke me up this morning saying he had an emergency. I bounced out of bed as fast as my overweight body would allow and asked him what was wrong.

He said,  “Daddy, we forgot to make banana ice cream last night”. 

He had actually woken me from a bad dream and so I was a bit disoriented.  However, even with my brain not firing on all cylinders, I knew that didn’t qualify as an emergency,  at least in my opinion.

I’m gonna have to have a talk with Emmett about what is an emergency and what isn’t.  🙂

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lol. Sounds like my son. We’re all out of junk food? No dairy free cheese? Emergency! He actually fell down on the floor a day ago when we were running low on stuff, declaring he was going to die of starvation (after he’d eaten three healthy snacks).

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