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For whatever reason, Emmett decided that he was going to dress up as Spiderman today. Everywhere we went today, he was Spiderman…..and I mean everywhere.

I’m of the opinion that I was lucky to be in the presence of Spiderman today. 

Emmett was so cute and so happy being Spiderman today.  Who was I to take that away from him.  He wasn’t hurting anyone, unless you were a bad guy at which point he trap you with his webshooters.

Other than that, he wasn’t hurting anyone.  🙂

I look at it like this. Can it be weird walking into a store while Emmett was in his costume? Sure.  Do people stare at me like I’m crazy for letting him out of the house like that? Of course they did.

However, the most important question still remains.  Do I care in the slightest,  what anyone thinks?  Not a chance in hell. 

I learned a long time ago not to care what other people think.  As far as I’m concerned, they were all jealous because Spiderman was with me and not them.  😉

I don’t usually offer unsolicited advice but I just want to say this.  Let them be little.  They only going to be young for a short time.  There’s plenty of time for them to be serious.  Right now you have a chance to make memories and foster imagination. 

I’m not sure who’s going to wake me up in the morning.  It might be Emmett or it could be Spiderman. Either way, I know I’m blessed and for that, I’m grateful.  🙂


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@Kiboomu @Lost_and_Tired Who wouldn’t enjoy being with Spider Man! “The Amazing Spider Man” by CoolToons http://t.co/KBThgFOfHe via @Etsy


Wish I could have seen it.  🙂  I’d have chuckled.  Adults need to rediscover that magic world that most lose sight of once they grow up.


@OnyxPanthyr you are so right. 🙂


If I had seen you in a store, I probably would have been staring, but only because my brain would have been in the middle of “OH MY GOSH HES SO CUTE AHHH LITTLE SPIDERMAN ASLDKFJASDLFKJASDLFKJ.”
Seriously, hes adorable.


@Kate thanks 🙂