Seeing the world for the very first time

Seeing the world for the very first time

Emmett’s glasses came in today.  After our Wraparound meeting, which I’ll talk about later, we took Emmett to go pick them up.  You should  have seen the expression  in his face when he saw his world for the very first time.

It was nothing short of amazing. 

I haven’t felt that awesome in so long and I can’t even imagine how Emmett feels.  He asked if he could wear his glasses forever.  🙂

It’s literally like he’s seeing everything for the first time and I’m so happy for him.  🙂



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YAY!!!!! for Emmett! And he looks so darned cute in his glasses!


What an awesome victory. I’m glad it was fixable. He looks cute in glasses.


@rmagliozzi thanks 🙂


I remember that feeling too!  However, speaking as an autism mommy, it must feel so freaking awesome to be able to just “fix” something and make your kids life instantly better!!!!


@jjean3940 that’s exactly it. So many times we can’t do anything. We’ll said…. Thank you


so great. I felt the same when Ayden put on his for the first time. the guilt of not catching it sooner quickly to to happiness that he was seeing everything clearly. he soon grew tired of me asking can you see this? is this more clear? is this better?


So happy for him~I remember when I first got my glasses. 🙂

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