How can you tell that your child with #Autism is happy? -

How can you tell that your child with #Autism is happy?

I expect that this question will be answered differently by different people.  As Autism is a dynamic condition, everyone is affected differently. Because of this difference, I can imagine that it may be challenging for some families to understand what their child with Autism is feeling. This is especially true with nonverbal children.

Before Emmett began to speak, it was heartbreaking because we never really knew what he was feeling. 

Honestly, even now, after he’s gained language, it’s still a challenge to understand where he’s coming from at times.

We learned to interpret the noises he would make and it helped us to gauge how he was feeling in the absence of the spoken word..

How do you know what your verbal or nonverbal child with Autism is feeling? Have you been able to navigate their emotions with any success? I know this may be a strange question but I think by sharing, we could help people become more aware and understanding. 

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When he’s happy he is not whining, crying, arguing or complaining. He jokes and smiles easier and is more social.


@min_svart_ros @lost_and_tired ..he is quiet and visibly withdrawn.


@min_svart_ros @lost_and_tired my brother (Nonverbal) is very open about his happy emotions, and when he’s annoyed. When he’s not well..


@Magnusmode @min_svart_ros @lost_and_tired thank you for sharing. 🙂

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